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  • 13 November (Tuesday)

  • 14 November (Wednesday)

  • 15 Nov (Thursday)

8:00-9:00 Registration of Participants
9:00-10:45 Opening Ceremonies (Led by UN secretariat of the Regular Process, SRP)
9:00-9:10 Call to Order (Annebeth Rosenboom, SRP)
9:10-9:40 Welcome Statement from Host Government (Eric Schwaab, United States)

Adoption of Agenda

9:45-9:50 Selection of Workshop Chairs
9:50-10:15 Group Photo and Break

Overview of Regular Process (Led by Workshop Chairs)


Overview of Evolution and Structure of the Regular Process (Annebeth Rosenboom, SRP)


Overview of WOA Outline and Timeline (Patricio Bernal, Group of Experts [GoE])

11:00-12:00 Questions and Answers
12:00-1:30 Lunch

Overview of Workshop Objectives (Led by Workshop Chairs)


WCR Environmental and Socioeconomic Assessments (Led by Christopher Corbin, UNEP)

3:30-4:00 Break

WCR Data Resources and Methodologies for Assessments (Led by Cesar Toro, IOCARIBE)


WCR Capacity-building Needs (Led by Sean Green, GoE)


Reception (Led by Workshop Chairs)


Poster Session on Integrated Marine Assessments and Ecosystem-Based Management  Remarks on Regional Findings of the Ocean Health Index - Andrew Rosenberg, GoE


Establish Break-out Groups (Led by Workshop Chairs)

Group I – Biophysical Aspects: WOA Chapters 3-9
(Led by Francisco Arias, Colombia & Patricio Bernal, GoE)

Group II – Food Security and Safety Aspects: WOA Chapters 10-16
(Led by Michael Schirripa, United States & Sean Green, GoE)

Group III – Socioeconomic Aspects: WOA Chapters 17-32
(Led by Patrick McConney, Barbados & Marlene Attzs, Trinidad and Tobago)

Group IV – Marine Biological Diversity Aspects: WOA Chapters 33-45
(Led by Antonio Diaz-de-Leon, Mexico & Andrew Rosenberg, GoE)



Break-out Group Discussions
Group I – Room A, Group II – Room B, Group III – Room C,
Group IV – Room D

12:00-1:30 Lunch

Continue Break-out Group Discussions
Group I – Room A, Group II – Room B, Group III – Room C, Group IV – Room D


Summary from Break-out Group Discussions (Led by Workshop Chairs)
Presentations of 30 min each + 10 min for discussion
9:00-9:40 Group I-Biophysical
9:40-10:20 Group II-Food Security
10:20-11:00 Group III-Socioeconomic
11:00-11:40 Group IV-Biodiversity
11:40-12:00 Break




12:00-1:00 Closing Ceremonies
12:00-12:30 Workshop Conclusions and Follow-up (Led by Workshop Chairs)
12:30-12:45 Closing Remarks from Ambassador Donatus Keith St. Aimee
Co-Chair of the UN Ad-Hoc Working Group of the Whole for the Regular Process

Adjournment (Annebeth Rosenboom, SRP)



An annotated inventory of all Wider Caribbean-related marine assessments is being developed to enable participants to review and evaluate assessments both prior to and during the Workshop. Read More... 

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