Liz Tirpak 
Chair of the Workshop Organizing Committee (see list below)
U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental & Scientific Affairs
Office of Ocean and Polar Affairs, HST Suite 2758
2201 C St NW, Washington DC 20520
Telephone: 1 202 647 0238  

Annebeth Rosenboom

Secretary of the Regular Process, Senior Legal Officer
United Nations Headquarters 
New York, NY 10017
Telephone: 1 212 963 5048

Workshop Organizing Committee:
Nelson Andrade-Colmenares, Director, UNEP Caribbean Environment Programme
Antonio J. Diaz-de-Leon, DG for Environmental Policy,
Regional and Sectoral Division, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Mexico)
Sean Green, WOA Group of Experts Member (Jamaica)
David Halpern, WOA Bureau Member (United States)
Lorna Inniss, WOA Group of Experts Co-chair (Barbados)
Alberto Pacheco, Coordinator, UNEP Regional Seas Programme
Bonnie Ponwith, IOCARIBE of UNESCO IOC Chairperson (United States)
Annebeth Rosenboom, Secretary of the Regular Process, UNDOALOS
Cesar Toro, Head of UNESCO IOC Regional Office for IOCARIBE



An annotated inventory of all Wider Caribbean-related marine assessments is being developed to enable participants to review and evaluate assessments both prior to and during the Workshop. Read More... 

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