The Workshop for the Wider Caribbean is part of the larger Regular Process, an effort to regularly provide accurate information on the state of the marine environment to decision makers. This event is one of many workshops being hosted worldwide, under the auspices of the United Nations, as a key mechanism by which the first global integrated marine assessment will be accomplished and States can enhance their assessment capacity. 

More specifically, the Workshop is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Enhance dialogue between marine experts within governments, intergovernmental organizations, and regional initiatives.
  • Develop an inventory of environmental and socio-economic marine assessments for the Wider Caribbean.  
  • Consider the linkages among assessments, including driving factors and the state of the marine environment. 
  • Identify marine assessment capacity-building needs of the Wider Caribbean States and consider means to address those needs.
  • Facilitate the integration of marine assessments in the region through discussing and developing:
    • common information content for assessments at various scales
    • common approaches towards assessment methodologies and geographically scaling-up assessments; and
    • assessment reporting templates and other best practices to enable integration.

The Workshop will take place in the PanAm Ballroom of the Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel & Executive Meeting Center, located at 3900 NW 21St Street, Miami, Florida.  

A reception on the evening of 13 November will feature a poster session to highlight Wider Caribbean science that advances ecosystem based management.  Participants that would like to display a poster of their own or the poster of a colleague, should annotate the registration form accordingly so that the Workshop organizers reserve the reception space. 

Posters Guidelines:

  • Maximum poster space is 4’x4’.
  • The presenter’s name and poster title should be prominently displayed on the poster.
  • The poster should include the presenter’s contact information and photograph to help attendees find and connect with presenters during or following the conference.



An annotated inventory of all Wider Caribbean-related marine assessments is being developed to enable participants to review and evaluate assessments both prior to and during the Workshop. Read More... 

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